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  • Decorative tiles
    of marble and granite

  • Steps (of stairs)
  • Balusters and railings
  • Pavement tiles, drains,
    borders, facade tiles

  • Window-sills
  • Paving stones
  • Breccia
  • Fireplaces
  • Slabs

  • The World of granite & marble is the produce and supplier of natural stone (granite, marble) products produced of stones from Russia, Ukraine, India, China, Italy and Turkey. It also produces goods of ceramic granite. All these are indispensable construction and decoration goods with centuries' history of usage in the world's architectural masterpieces and in the modern design.

    Natural stone products are safe, strong? Long-living, fashionable, practical and are in high demand in the modern construction industry.

    Modern construction technologies allow production of the artificial analogue of natural granite, ceramic granite with similar strength characteristics and wide range of colors.

    In different natural and climate conditions, granite, marble and ceramic granite remain strong and attractive decoration materials widely used by designers and architects for office buildings and apartments blocks allowing for the most daring solutions and designs.

    We are pleased to invite for cooperation all producers of natural stone goods, constructors, designers, architects and all those who may desire to get a feeling of outstanding harmony and the natural range of colors of granite, marble and ceramic granite.

    Let our Internet site be a good assistant and our company a reliable partner to you.

    We appreciate your choice and are willing to meet your expectations.

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